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  Jenni Barnett was born in South Australia to an English mother and 5th generation pioneering South Australian farmer and soldier. After graduating from college, where she majored in history, science and art, before entering the nursing profession. After marrying a farmer, they raised four children, later moving with their family to Queensland. Following a long nursing career at Mackay, she studied naturopathy and Chinese Medicine. After completing her degree, she opened a clinic on Bribie Island, where she was first inspired to write pre-European Australian historical fiction.

"My intuitive spirit guided me on a path into the Australian bush, where I stood under a gigantic gumtree, and my mind wandered over the ancient history of the land and its original inhabitants.  Gazing out towards the Glass House Mountains, I was inspired to write my first pre-European Aboriginal historical fiction novel, Native Companions. Ten years later I published it and have since written two more sequels, while building on my literary and publishing skills."

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The Dreamtime Mysteries

1. Native Companions

2. Along the Waterways

3. Return to Eternity